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Treatment Philosophy

Through the creation of a safe environment clients are able to communicate the concerns which brought them to seek psychotherapy. By empowering our clients and helping them find the courage within, together we identify and confront their challenges. With the knowledge of the cause and effect that contribute to their symptoms, (ie. decreased motivation, sadness, frustration, disappointment, stress, etc.) we work together to mutually create goals and actions steps which lay the foundation for decreased symptomology and growth potential.

Area of Specialization

Proper treatment planning requires determining the accurate diagnosis. In our practice we work with children, adolescents and adults. As a clinical psychologist, we evaluate and diagnose in order to treat a variety of symptoms common with these age groups, including: Depression, anxiety, poor school performance, oppositional behaviors and substance use/abuse. Although, these are the most common mental health concerns we observe in our psychotherapy practice, we also assist clients with a variety of family relational problems which most often arise from poor or disconnected relationships.


Pharmacology is a treatment adjunct, rather than a first line of defense. While Psychologists are not permitted to prescribe medication, when appropriate we work collaboratively with many South Bay psychiatrists who manage patient medications.