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Our Mission

For many, coming to therapy can seem like a leap of faith. Psychotherapy asks you to trust a process, and someone, new and unknown to you and to set aside time for yourself in your busy life. What can be more difficult is taking that first step into a therapist's office and discussing distressing and commonly traumatic personal information about yourself and others.

We at Poach Consulting & Associates strive to create a therapeutic environment in which each individual, couple, and/or family feels comfortable, safe, and accepted. Poach Consulting & Associates approaches client issues from a non-judgemental perspective and develops therapeutic strategies that are uniquely tailored to you and your goals for treatment.

Therapists at Poach Consulting & Associates appreciate the individuality of a person and/or family dynamic due to the wide array of biological, experiential, and cultural aspects that contribute to one's values, beliefs,and outlook. That is the reason why we take the time to come up with a therapeutic plan individually customized to your needs.


At Poach Consulting & Associates we focus on treating the individual, not just the symptoms. We provide individual therapy for children, adolescents, and adults experiencing a range of mental health concerns and life stressors. When it comes to assisting children, the family (i.e. parents and caregivers) is encouraged to be involved in the treatment process. Parents are involved in adolescent treatment, however, an adolescents's privacy is of great importance and must be respected by all who participate in their treatment. Some mental health issues and life stressors that we cover include:


Play Therapy
Crisis Intervention
Issues of Abuse
Oppositional Defiant Behavior


Life Transitions
Personal Growth
Sexual Identity
Stress Disorders


Career Issues
Gay/Lesbian Issues
Personaility Disorders
Personal Growth
Marital Counseling

Life Stressors

Everyone strives to maintain orderly and peaceful lives, but life stressors can often impose overwhelming problems where an individual may struggle on handling by themselves. Prolonged stress caused by these stressors can eventually cause strains on the mental health. We specialize in treating the following life stressors:

School Transitions

Guidance or counseling for academic difficulties such as school pressures, mismanaging schedules, roommate difficulties, and independent living

Family and Relationships

Support provided for blended/step family integration, development transitions, break-ups, and poor communication skills

Career Dissatisfactions

Resolve personal issues in the workplace, including: employment pressures, difficult colleagues, and poor performances

Marital Counseling

Acquire strategies to build and maintain a healthy relationship.

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